Technical Supports

Thanks for using SeaTouch series underwater touchscreen housing. To avoid any accidental error occurs to the housing or your smartphone, here is the important note for you to read before use.

Important Note To Read Before Use


If you want to know how to better set your smartphone to adapt the housing, please check this link below. Or you can refer to Page 6 of the User Maual.

Smartphone settings for common models


Also, it's suggested to read the user manual before launching the housing.

SeaTouch 3 User Manual

SeaTouch 2 User Manual


Customers who are using some of the Android smartphone such as Huawei may encounter the issue that the screen wake up time can only set to be 10 minute the longest. In case the screen cannot awake underwater, please set up the phone following the below link.

Keep Screen Awake APP for some of the Android phones