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The 2024 International Underwater Ice Diving Competition UNDERICE GAMES concluded successfully on February 25th in Vladivostok. Divers from all over the world have come to Vladivostok for the tenth international underwater competitions. This is not just a competition testing skill and courage, but also an adventure for both the DIVEVOLK team and ice diving enthusiasts to explore the unknown world together!

UNDERICE GAMES - these are unique and the only ones in the world open competitions in the discipline “Ice orienteering” The competition helped to amend ice diving standards and revise international safety requirements. The purpose of the event is to develop ice diving as a direction diving, which originated in Russia. 

Development of diving as part of the culture of active lifestyle of people, increasing the tourist attractiveness of Russia and the Far East, promoting a healthy lifestyle among young people. Diving underwater, according to psychologists, can help overcome post-traumatic stress disorder as well as restore physical health after serious injuries.

The International Underice Games are the only competition in the world in the discipline of "Underice Orienteering." Over the course of 10 years, more than 250 divers from different countries have participated. The water temperature is 2°C, similar to that in the Arctic. The holder of the 2021 Guinness record for the deepest dive (332 meters) Ahmed Gabr became the ambassador of the under-ice games.

Each participant has demonstrated their courage and skill in this extreme challenge, not only exploring the mysterious underwater world but also conveying the positive energy of exploring the unknown and challenging oneself. At DIVEVOLK, we truly resonate with this sentiment. Participants not only showcase their diving abilities but also experience the outstanding quality and innovative spirit of the DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 4 Max waterproof phone housing.

Diving in low temperatures is considered to be the most dangerous, however, the divers successfully tackled the tasks assigned to them, with paramount attention paid to safety.Our DIVEVOLK waterproof diving phone housing has also demonstrated outstanding capabilities: waterproof up to 60 meters, button-free design, full touchscreen functionality underwater, allowing access to all smartphone apps. Additionally, it includes more safety features such as an underwater compass and surface calling, which can be lifesaving in critical situations. Sometimes, when we can't communicate verbally underwater, we can still convey messages through typing.

Congratulations to all the award-winning participants.Their remarkable performances showcased the ultimate charm of underice diving. In recognition of the efforts and achievements of the participants, DIVEVOLK sponsored this year's newly launched colors for the waterproof phone housing: Glimmering White, Oceanic Blue, and Ocean Kit.With Ahmed Gabr, the Guinness World Record holder for deepest dive at 332 meters in 2021, taking first place. He won the DIVEVOLK Ocean Kit, which includes The SeaTouch 4 MAX underwater phone housing, expansion clamp, red filter, wide-angle lens, protective cover, and travel case.

Throughout the competition, photographers used our waterproof phone housing to capture the event, and underwater live streaming was conducted using our underwater live broadcasting equipment. The organizers and participants of the competition highly praised the DIVEVOLK underwater phone housing.

We can't help but applaud every participating athlete for their outstanding performances and boundless enthusiasm. The 2024 International Underwater Ice Diving Competition UNDERICE GAMES is not only a sporting extravaganza but also a cultural exchange event. We are immensely honored to sponsor this grand occasion and look forward to continuing to support and witness the growth of underice diving in the future. Let's look forward to the arrival of the next competition together, where we can reunite and share the passion and glory of sports once again.


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