SeaTouch series underwater touchscreen housing allows you to operate the phone with no limit, so you can fully use the phone function making the underwater photography and video more creative. 

Here are some tips showing how to  make better image and video through the underwater touchscreen, and moreover, make the dive trip even safer.


[Part 1] -- Underwater Photograply

How to take an underwater dark background photo by smartphone Underwater touchscreen focus 
Burst shooting to catch the focus

Different way of zooming for a better framing

Take photo when you are filming Thirds composition for framing
How to shoot the crystal-waves Sunrise time-lapse video at seashore


[Part 2] -- Use any of your favorite APP to create!


Use Filmic Pro APP to create professional underwater video 

 We encourage all of our SeaTouch housing users to expand your creativity by using your favorite APP underwater. Innovation begins here.


[Part 3] -- Underwater Safety

Emergency contact Underwater testing
Safety alarm Underwater compass


We are very happy to announce that DIVEVOLK has partnered up with Matthias Lebo, Swiss Champion in Underwater Videography, to create the official Divevolk online course.
This online course is your one-stop resource to get to know the possibilities your Divevolk Seatouch 4 Max Underwater Smartphone Housing offers, and to use your smartphone to its full potential for filming and taking photos underwater.It covers general knowledge about underwater camera fundamentals as well as specific capturing techniques for smartphones to achieve the desired looks. We go deep into all the different accessories and what they can be used for, look at the most beneficial 3rd party apps, show you the recommended procedures for preparing your Divevolk system for a dive, caring for and maintaining it, so it stays in good shape for many future dive adventures.

And the best thing is, you can go through the entire online course on a mobile app, the Underwater Video Academy, available on IOS and ANDROID devices, meaning you can download the course materials and don’t need a working internet connection to go through the course. 

Course Outlines

Module 1 - Introduction to the course
Module 2 - The Divevolk Line-up
Module 3 - Underwater Camera Fundamentals
Module 4 - Underwater Capturing Techniques
Module 5 - Recommended 3rd Party Apps
Module 6 - Prepping for a Dive
Module 7 - Care & Maintenance of your Divevolk system
Module 8 - Next steps


Need to know before purchase:

After your purchase, we will send you an activation code within 24 hours.
This product is virtual goods and is non-refundable once activated.