You got face mask. What about your phone?

Social distance and masks, washing our hands often protect us from germ and virus. But if we don’t wash our phone often as we wash our hands, virus is still on our phones, which could cause secondary transmission.

In order to find out how dirty is our smartphone, we took some sample from the surface of a daily use smartphone, put it into the culture medium, and observe how it develops.

Meanwhile, we have set a control group. Before putting the smartphone into a waterproof case, the phone was cleaned carefully. User spent a few days for daily use, brought it to the market and public transportation.

Before taking the sample, the housing was cleaned carefully again. By the same procedure, sample was taken and cultured.

Since the phone is wireless chargeable, he doesn’t need to remove the case to charge the phone.

It was surprisingly found that a large number of bacteria colonies were cultivated in samples of mobile phones that were used daily without cleaning. For the mobile phone which placed in a waterproof case, we can hardly see any bacteria colony.

Therefore, our mobile phones must be cleaned like washing hands. Or put your phone in a waterproof case so that it can be cleaned at any time.

During the most serious anti-virus period in Wuhan city, it’s difficult for reporters to sterilize the camera after visiting the hospital. So they just put the phone in the waterproof case while using the smartphone for recording. When they leave the hospital, they put the housing into the disinfectant for sterilization completely.

To protect ourselves and people around us, we’d better to wear masks and wash hands often. And don’t forget to keep your phone clean.

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