Keep Screen Awake APP for Android Models

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Customers who are using some of the Android smartphone such as Huawei may encounter the following two problems:

1. Some models may not be able to wake the screen up by lifting the phone in the SeaTouh housing, and maximum 10 minutes can be set for “screen awake time”. Without any operation on the smartphone for 10 minutes would be turned off automatically, which could not be waken up again in SeaTouch housing.
2. The some series mobile phone can be lifted and awakened in the housing above the depth of about 20 meters,  however, it cannot be woken up below 20 meters due to the pressure sensor on the screen is activated.

To solve the issues, firstly, it is recommended to adjust the screen awake time to the longest.

Secondly, it’s recommend install the “ Keep Screen Awake” app and finalize settings by following below instructions.

This is an assistive video for the the use "keep Screen Awake" APP. It helps to keep the screen awake. This video sets Huawei Mate30 Pro as an example. Different phone system may not the totally the same.


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