DRT SHOW Philippines 2023—DIVEVOLK greets all our friends and visitors after 3 years

  The global diving industry has gone through a difficult time under the challenge of three years of COVID-19 pandemic. However, as the world gradually recovers, the diving market is showing signs of resilience. The Philippines, world-famous for its unparalleled marine treasures and pristine dive sites, will play a leading role in the resurgence of Asia's diving market.

  DRT SHOW-the professional B2B2C diving expo in Asia will be the promoter of this recovery. The Manila Diving and Resort Tourism Exhibition Philippines will be the promoter of this recovery. The exhibition was held grandly at the SMX Convention and Exhibition Center in Manila from August 18 to 20, 2023, aiming to rekindle the diving market in the Philippines, provide a prosperous platform for diving professionals and enthusiasts, as well as various exhibitors in diverse diving fields, and attract the attention of two target groups, the commercial market and the consumer public,and promote the growth of the dive industry while promoting internal discussions.

  DIVEVOLK's booth is at No.56 and we cherishes and appreciates this DRT Show Philippines providing this industry the chance. We have also prepared many activities and provided professional service consultation and promotion for this exhibition.

  • Exquisite gift

  We have prepared many gifts for diving enthusiasts and on-site tourists. You only need to scan the QR code to get shark pendants, water guns and other gifts. The adults and children at the scene like them very much.

  • lucky Draw

  In order to give back to users and let more divers know more about our DIVEVOLK underwater phone Case, we held a very exciting lucky draw session at 3 pm on the 19th and 20th, stand a chance to win valuable prizes that will enhance diving adventures.The first prize is our DIVEVOLK star product waterproof phone case SeaTouch 4 Max worth $223, the second prize is a wide-angle lens worth $110, and the third prize is a filter worth $40. Visitors at the site responded enthusiastically.

  • Meeting old friends

  During the activity, we met many DIVEVOLK users and our local dealers in the Philippines, listened carefully to the user experience and shared the exquisite photos and videos they took during the diving process with DIVEVOLK waterproof phone case.This opportunity to communicate face-to-face with customers for the first time will generate a sense of trust that cannot be compared with online communication. It also allows us to experience the common sense of happiness between our DIVEVOLK and “DIVEVOLKER” more personally.

  • New customer and Media visit

  At the exhibition site, many new customers asked us about DIVEVOLK products, and we also showed them up close and introduced DIVEVOLK waterproof phone case and accessories in detail, so that they could have a more intuitive understanding of the specifications, appearance, performance etc of the DIVEVOLK underwater phone case and accessories. A detailed understanding has improved the brand image and recognition of DIVEVOLK in their minds, and it also allows us to better understand the real needs of customers in the market. Understanding what the real needs of diving enthusiasts and professionals are, we stay humble and continue to innovate to provide divers with valuble underwater phone case they trustworthy. At the same time, we were also fortunate to receive consultations and interviews from local self-media, which greatly enhanced our DIVEVOLK brand awareness in the local area.

  Our smartphones have become indispensable tools in our pursuit of adventure and exploration, and the DIVEVOLK team provides us with navigation aids, communication, and the ability to capture precious memories. The DIVEVOLK team is committed to the research and development of intelligent equipment for underwater communication, and interconnection.In order to realize the vision of providing brand-new experiences for global diving and wading enthusiasts and improving underwater safety, DIVEVOLK team has spent more than 700 days and nights testing more than 100 combines of materials and technical processes,revolutionized the underwater smartphone housing market with the SeaTouch 4 Max protective case, which has received nearly 40 patents worldwide and is the first case with a true touch screen experience.

  • DIVEVOLK product portability

  Underwater camera for Scuba Diving on the market are very large and bulky, which is very inconvenient when diving, which not only increases the difficulty and risk of diving, but affects our diving experience. And with the high prices and complicated underwater camera setups of new Gopros, wouldn't it be great to be able to take the phone into the water? DIVEVOLK's underwater smartphone housing SeaTouch 4 Max is significantly lighter and less cumbersome than giant dive cameras and installed quickly, it allows you to travel easier, without increasing your luggage allowance to carry large camera equipment, just put your phone in a protective case and dive freely. You only need to use your mobile phone to take exquisite underwater photos and videos. And DIVEVOLK SeaTouch4 Max can match to various smartphone brands and models.

  • What’s the feature of DIVEVOLK product
  1. Reliable

  There are many cheap products in the diving market including simple plastic bags, but I believe that we divers should not rest assured that a plastic bag can protect our expensive mobile phone in deep water, and the DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 4 Max diving mobile phone case is the first and only a full touchscreen smartphone case. This is something no other diving phone case on the market can do.

  1. Waterproof

  Water resistance is the biggest concern before using an underwater phone case. Will it leak and damage my phone? You can be sure that there is nothing to worry about! The underwater phone case is waterproof to a depth of 60m/200ft. It also has IPX8 waterproof standards. From the product design stage, Divevolk team has put the safety of users in the first consideration. Whether it is the maximum opening design, the three-layer gasket design, or the no-button design, the traditional waterproof performance has been greatly improved. At the same time, a series of designs also reduce the user's use and maintenance troubles, simple and safe. Just make sure that the screws and bolts are tightened and the phone can dive safely.

  • Full function release of your smartphone

  The case's full touchscreen functionality provides seamless access to any app on your phone, including DSLR-specific apps like Canon Camera Connect, Sony Imaging Edge Mobile and other third-party apps like Monitor+. More powerful photo and video applications such as Filmic Pro and ProMovie can also be used underwater.In addition, the SeaLink function overcomes the challenges of underwater Wi-Fi signal transmission and establishes a strong connection between the DSLR camera and smartphone. Therefore, your mobile phone can be effectively converted into an underwater monitor or a remote control for a DSLR camera, thereby enhancing the use of underwater videography. At the same time, you can play music and movie videos during any boring and safe stay to make time fly by. If you need any emergency help, you can make a timely call on the water.

  • Applicability of Philippines diving and DIVEVOLK

  The BBC commented that the Philippines is "an old world" where beautiful nature is preserved and there are countless rare fish and corals! The sea water is clear and transparent, and the shooting effect is good, so you don’t need high-standard machines and professional equipment to shoot recruitment and videos with the same effect. Just use our DIVEVOLK waterproof phone case marine package , which includes a waterproof case, expansion clamp, red filter, wide-angle lens and travel case.

  Therefore, after comprehensive consideration, no matter in terms of weight, price or performance, we are confident that underwater smartphone housing DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 4 Max is currently your most value-for-money choice.

  If you want to know more detailes or need to recommend an accessory package that suitable for you, you can visit our official website https://www.divevolkdiving.com and contact our official customer service or send us an email---- it@divevolk.com.At the same time, you can also contact the local Pacifica and distributor in the Philippines to inquire about purchasing DIVEVOLK underwater smartphone housing and accessories or other related products.We also welcome interested cooperation, please feel free to contact us!

The following is the DIVEVOLK Philippines agent information:

We have 3 branches at the moment;

Pacifica Dive Makati

#2226 Chino Roces Bangkal

Road Makati City

+63 917 509 4220


Pacifica Dive Cebu

Diamond Plaza Bldg MC

Briones St

Maguikay National-Hi way

Mandaue City Cebu


Viber & Whatsapp


Pacifica Dive Bohol

Tawala Road Alona Panglao


(0917) 307 1828/09175613191

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FB pages

Pacifica Dive Cebu

Pacifica Dive Makati

Pacifica Dive Bohol


  One Stop Trading with trade name - Pacifica Dive was established April 2012.We are an exclusive distributor of DIVEVOLK,Scubapro, Gull, Octo Gear and Bauer in the Philippines.

  Our products - mix attracts scuba divers, free divers, snorkelers, water sports enthusiasts and out-door sport interested people. Our commitment to service includes a vast stock of consumables, common spares, special spares, tools, lubricants and other support equipment.

  We operate one of the most modern service centers for scuba equipment, hydro testing and compressor service in the country.

  From the design and creation of our products, to the initiatives of our ocean ambassadors and nonprofit partners, to the achievements of dive enthusiasts and professionals, DIVEVOLK celebrates and supports a better future for the ocean and diving. Follow us on Instagram @DIVEVOLK Global for updates and exclusive content.Stay tuned for more exciting updates!


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