Xiaomi carries out ocean protection activity filmed by Xiaomi 12 Pro with DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 4 Max housing

In the ocean day of 2022, organizations carry out the social responsibility to implement a series of environmental protection activity, especially the ocean protection. Cleaning the beach to prevent garbage falling into the ocean, collecting waste from the ocean to prevent ocean creatures getting harm, and various action that benefits the ocean.


The Chinese famous mobile and digital device brand Xiaomi choose to grow coral in different part of coast area. The staff collect the broken part of coral from the ocean and fix them on a certain zone and continuously watch them to grow. When the coral grows, small creatures would come nearby and attract fishes. The ecosystem starts from coral.

Xiaomi diving phone case

Carrying out such an activity is not easy, the team has to plan thoroughly and communicate comprehensively with the government for the ocean activity permission. Also in order to record the whole activity, they has to make a film plan, thinking the plot and cameras. One part would be very challenging is the underwater filming.

The Xiaomi team wanted to film fully by smartphone, so they had to find a good underwater smartphone housing for the Xiaomi 12 Pro. It has to unleash the full function of the new Xiaomi 12 Pro smartphone, so the unique underwater touchscreen smartphone housing with international patent, the DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 4 Max fell into scope. Compare with other phone housing only can access to main camera of the phone, and without any other smartphone function could be accessed, the advantages the SeaTouch 4 Max is obvious. Think about the Xiaomi 12 Pro has triple lens with 5 megapixel , the SeaTouch 4 Max’s underwater full touchscreen function allows the photographer to switch between different lens at any time. This perfect Xiaomi underwater housing could also used on other phone, such as being used as an iPhone diving housing, Samsung diving housing. Just change a smartphone adapter could be used on different phones, even could be an iPhone 13 Pro Max diving case.

Xiaomi 12 Pro diving housign

With the help of all the equipment, the film was made successfully. With the spread of this film, hopefully more and more people would join the ocean protection and environmental protection.

Andriod diving phone case Xiaomi diving housing

XIaomi Team is using the DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 4 Max protecting the Xiaomi 12 Pro smartphone to film the whole underwater ocean protection activity.

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