Important Operation

Important Operation Related to Waterproof and Touchscreen



1) Do not launch with empty housing


When there’s no support block in the housing, the water pressure

will bring damage to the screen, which will affect its waterproofness.


The 3 support blocks combination is available for testing.

 The housing with blocks combination inside can be launched for testing.



2)  Check the gasket every time before use.

 Clean the gasket if there is any bit of sand or debris.

Any bit of impurity on the gasket may cause the waterproof issue.


3)  Fully tighten up the bolts on the top cap.


Tighten up the bolts on the top cap and check the gap is strictly close.


4)  The SeaGrip should be installed right in place.

Rotate the tube connector to 90° until you feel the click.


 5)  Remove the screen protector

  •  It’s difficult to put the smartphone into the housing if it’s with a screen protector. 


  • If the smartphone with a screen protector is forced to put into the housing, you may hardly take out the smartphone.


  • With a screen protector, the touchscreen may be out of order underwater.


6)  Pay attention to the installation direction of the support blocks.


  • The smartphone might be stuck if the support blocks are wrongly installed.
  • The housing might be damaged by water pressure if the support blocks are missing.





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