How to Operation

1. How to set up your smartphone with SeaTouch 2 PRO


2. How to assemble and disassemble SeaGrip



3. How to take out your smartphone from SeaTouch 2 PRO when it's stuck



4. How to clean the inner lens of SeaTouch 2 PRO and antifogging process



5. SeaTouch 2 PRO waterproof pretest


6.  SeaTouch 2 PRO mantenance after use



7. How to set your smartphone correctly before lauching SeaTouch 2 PRO


8.  How to install external lens on SeaTouch 2 PRO




  • dqlgavyrgt

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Peter Allinson

    My iphone 11 pro is stuck inside the housing, I followed your video to remove the protective block inserted the iphone in the provided plastic sleeve and now am unable to remove it, Yes I tried your brush tool. It is hanging up like the support block did but worse.

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