Guest Blog-One Year of Freediving Adventures with DIVEVOLK

In the last year, my journey with the DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 4 Max has taken me through exhilarating wildlife encounters and intense freediving training sessions. This dive phone case has not only revolutionized my approach to underwater photography but also offered valuable lessons that could benefit both freedivers and scuba divers alike. Here’s a deeper dive into my experiences.

  1. Mastery Meets Speed: Freediving among tiger sharks, where moments of awe are fleeting, taught me the essence of knowing my gear inside out. Utilizing the DIVEVOLK case with my iPhone 15 Pro Max, I learned the significance of seamless transitions between photo and video modes. The reliance on the native iPhone camera app, avoiding cumbersome third-party apps, enabled me to capture breathtaking underwater scenes swiftly and intuitively. This experience underscored the importance of gear familiarity in fast-paced underwater environments.
  2. Upgrade 2 for 1: How often do you upgrade your phone? From now on, every time you get a new one, you automatically upgrade your underwater camera too. We already have insane cameras in our smartphones and this trend will only accelerate in the coming years. With every new phone generation, the quality of my underwater footage improves and I do not even have to get a new DIVEVOLK housing, because it is universally compatible.
  3. Turn on AssistiveTouch: The AssistiveTouch function has become my best friend on my smartphone inside the dive case. By turning this function on I am able to switch apps, open camera settings and lock the screen without opening the dive case. When you are on a boat for the whole day and are just waiting for the right moment, your camera needs to be ready at all times. By being able to use all the functions of my phone and conserving battery power without taking it out of the case, I really had the best of both worlds.
  4. Bye Bye, Empty Batteries: Traditional underwater photography often comes with the challenge of managing multiple devices and ensuring they are all charged. The shift to using my smartphone for all underwater captures eliminated the hassle of dead batteries and uncharged cameras. The simplicity of charging one device, which is integral to daily life, meant that my underwater photography became as reliable as my phone’s alarm clock.
  5. Enhancing Content Utilization: Reflecting on past expeditions, I realized how much content remained unseen, trapped in the labyrinth of hard drives and incompatible formats. The direct saving of footage and images to my smartphone not only streamlined the process of content management but also significantly reduced the time from capture to share. This efficiency transformed how I viewed, utilized, and shared my underwater adventures, ensuring that each captured moment had the potential to inspire others.

    Conclusion: My year with the DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 4 Max has been a journey of discovery, not just of the underwater realm but of the potentials unlocked by integrating technology seamlessly into the experience. I hope you find some of the insights I shared here valuable for your own underwater journey.

    Adrian is a freediver from Germany and the founder of - a website dedicated to dive phone housings. He also wrote a full review on the SeaTouch 4 Max on his blog:

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