2024 Boot Düsseldorf Dive Award For Innovation


2024 Boot Düsseldorf Dive Award For Innovation

Boot Düsseldorf, one of the largest yacht and watersports shows globally, boasts an impressive turnout with 214,000 visitors from 120 countries and over 1,500 exhibitors representing 67 nations across 220,000 square meters in 16 exhibition halls. Catering to both sailors and motor boaters, the event offers an extensive selection of boats ranging from dinghies to luxury yachts. In addition to showcasing various water sports such as diving, surfing, skimboarding, kite surfing, stand up paddling, and canoeing, the fair also provides the corresponding equipment. Attendees can enjoy engaging stage programs featuring industry experts, the latest trend sports, and a diverse array of workshops and activities suitable for both leisure enthusiasts and experts, making it a truly unique experience on a global scale.
The "Boot Dive Award"
To further bolster and promote the global diving industry, boot has introduced the "Boot Dive Award" initiative, supported by Curaçao. Each year, five awards are bestowed in recognition of excellence in the categories of Personality, Destination, Innovation, Product, and Climate. The recipients of the "Boot Dive Award" for 2023 were unveiled for the first time during boot 2023. A distinguished panel of experts, comprising the editors-in-chief of leading diving publications including divemaster, TAUCHEN, Taucher.Net, VDSTsporttaucher, and WETNOTES, shortlists three nominees per category from the submissions. Through a combination of public voting and the final judgment of the expert jury, the winners of the "Boot Dive Award powered by Curaçao" were selected and celebrated at boot Düsseldorf 2024 on Friday, January 26, 2024.




INNOVATION says a lot about the future viability of an industry. In this category, we celebrate people, companies, and initiatives that make a special contribution to the sustainability of the diving industry, its foundations and resources. Where are the concepts and projects that make the diving industry fit for the future? Where are the ideas that are shaping the world of tomorrow with a fresh wind and forward-looking energy?

Nina Zschische -Wetnotes Magazine says:“DIVEVOLK underwater touchscreen housing for smartphone can be used for fun as well as for research, and offers a lot of possibilities for the future. It has to do with our important tool in today's world, the control panel of life -- the smartphone.
Putting a smartphone in an underwater housing is nothing new. But it's an amazing innovation to provide the housing with a touchscreen, so you can use a smartphone to it's full potential.”
Excited to announce that our team has been awarded the Innovation Prize at this year's exhibition! This award recognizes our DIVEVOLK team's relentless efforts and showcases our collaborative spirit and innovative capabilities. Huge thanks to everyone who supported us – your encouragement and support have been the driving force behind our success!


Divevolk Underwater Touchscreen


Divevolk underwater housing can play a significant role in safety, research, education, entertainment and other areas.
We have done more than 100 experiments and spent almost 2 years for developing the first generation of the waterproof phone case ever, the SeaTouch 4 Max dive housing is the most updated one which is 60 meters waterproof and fully touchscreen.
We thought about many new ways to increase safety under the water. For example, underwater typing to communicate,compass and emergency phone call on the surface, to make sure there is any accident happened.Even you can set alarm clock under the water to remind you to check the gas by using our dive housing. 
For instructor, it's so friendly because you can play the video as soon as you finished the training. So the student can learn what is right or what is wrong from the video play back.
Besides, for new divers,you can recognize the fish under the water in real time for using the Fish Recognition Software.
Additionally,put your phone in the waterproof phone case to play music under the water and watch movies during the decompression dive are allowing you to forget about the boredom of underwater time.

Our dive housing caught the attention of numerous attendees at the exhibition and received high praise from the professional judging panel. This award not only validates our past work but also instills confidence in our future development. We remain committed to fostering an innovative spirit and delivering superior products and services to our customers.
A big shoutout to all members of our DIVEVOLK team – your hard work and unity made this achievement possible. We believe that through the power of teamwork and continuous effort, we will achieve even greater milestones. Let's join hands and work together to create a brighter future!

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